DIY Family Wall Gallery

I created the "This is our favorite spot" poster months before we bought our new house and knew that it would have a place in our future family room. Since we have vaulted ceilings in the new family room I didn't want this one sign to look insignificant all by itself on such a tall wall. So I created a family themed wall gallery with images of the kids, the entire family and a few other pieces to go with it. 

I have a thing for numbers, the number 5 represents how many people are in our immediate family, both my husband and I grew up in families with 5 immediate members. The twelve 5 forty is our house number and I of course had to make that number 5 stand out. Love, the one word that truly represents us. I am so extremely blessed to have a family that loves each other, we really are a team! 

All of the black and white prints were done at Staples using their "Engineer Print Service", which costs next to nothing. I think I paid under $10 to have them all printed. I had bought all of the frames on sale at Michaels Craft Store & Ikea.

I LOVE this wall in our house & can't wait to create another gallery in my loft space.

Last week when I shared my dining room chair make-over I mentioned that I was waiting to get my new old table from my parents. This table is not only special because it belonged to my great grandparents, but as a little kid I remember my parents receiving this table and my Mom spending hours/months working hard to refinish it in her spare time. This past Saturday, Valentine's Day my parents came over and surprised us with it. I LOVE having a real table (not the huge round folding table we were using) that we can all sit around and share meals together, especially one that has so many memories. ***sigh***

Hey, have a great day and don't forget, today is the day to Send-A-Smile in the mail! In case you missed what this is all about, check out the post over on the Squatles blog.