Budget Friendly Dining Room Chairs

An Extraordinary Life at Twelve 5 Forty ~ DIY Decorating

Last year I was on the hunt for some dining room chairs that wouldn't break the bank. I ran across two Windsor Back chairs at a consignment shop that I frequent. The set cost me $20, which I actually had in shop credit, so that was a bonus! The other four chairs I found at an Estate Sale for $5 each. These chairs are old oak teacher's desk chairs and while they were basically stripped of their finish they were still very sturdy.  I knew with a little TLC they could look great.

I decided after reading some tips on redoing chairs that I would try spray painting and I am really glad I did. I laid out plastic in my garage, sanded down the old oak chairs by hand to get any rough edges smoothed out. Then I washed all of the chairs with soap and water to get rid of any residue. I then started spraying. Each chair took two coats and I ended up using about 2 cans of paint per chair. After all of the chairs were dry I used a clear wax all over the chairs to seal and protect them. In the end each chair averaged out at less then $25 with supplies and all. 


Now I am just waiting to pair these chairs up with my Great Grandma's table that I will be getting from my parents soon. As for now we are using a large round folding table, not so pretty but it does the trick.