Here is "My Life Squared", some of the moments I captured over the past few weeks. 

Since school has started back up I have been able to do a bit more creative stuff. Here are some boxes I created with a beautiful watercolor print. These were part of a nautical wedding photo shoot and I can't wait to see how everything turned out!!

My oldest son, Tyler and I have started making fun little felt creatures called Squatles. Tyler creates some of the "nerdy" designed Squatles while I create some of the "cutesy" Squatles. Take a look at our little blog as well as our Etsy shop.

In addition to our Squatles we will be adding other fun felt creations. Here is a 4' bunting that fits perfectly across a front door, we will also have 6' and 8' lengths available in October 2014!! I am personally in love with this particular color scheme of blush, charcoal, oatmeal and mustard, it screams Fall to me.

For the rest of the month I will be creating some more fun watercolor boxes for a big wedding event that I will be sharing more about mid October. I will be taking a short trip to Iowa to see family, which I will be sharing on Instagram so follow along over there. Last, I will be creating a ton more felty goodness with Tyler for the Squatles shop and Pumpkin Fest here in Littleton which is the second weekend in October.  (more details on that later as well).

Have an amazing day!!!