Super Sweet Shoes {DIY}

 Over the weekend I was invited to a fun DIY "Sweet Shoes" themed party. Everyone was to bring a pair of shoes that you would decorate to look like a cake, or and ice cream cone. I decided I would go for shoes that I would actually wear and that would be a fun addition to my summer wardrobe. While searching, I came across these cute tennis shoes at Target in the kids section. Since I have small feet I can wear kids shoes and thought it would be fun to grab a pair for my daughter too.

Our host supplied all of the paint, glue, and beads for our projects as well as an amazing spread of sweet treats to eat while we crafted. I will share the details of those goodies in another post soon.

Using a small flat paint brush I used a tan color and painted little triangles randomly around the shoes. Then using white puffy paint and the applicator provided, added a shape that looked like ice cream to the tops of those triangles. Once the puffy paint dried I added a layer of pink acrylic paint to some of my "scoops" for some extra pops of color. To finish these off, I added a little hot pink seed bead with super glue to the tops of the ice cream cones to look like a cherry and to give a little texture to the design. *I didn't seal the design with any protectant, so we will just see how long these last.

My daughter loves her new shoes and couldn't wait to wear them out and show them off to her friends. I think mine are pretty darn cute too! Maybe I will grab some more shoes like this in different colors and see what other fun patterns we can make together. Fabric markers or Sharpees would be a fun way to decorate shoes too! Give it a try!