My Life Squared Summer 2014 {Everyday Life}

Here is "My Life Squared", some of the moments I captured over my Summer break. 

Most of our Summer has been spent packing, moving and now unpacking. For the 4th of July we took a break and relaxed sitting on the edge of our neighborhood lake to watch fireworks with friends. The view at sunset was incredible! 

We were thrilled to finally get the keys to our new home and celebrate...

... and unpack (btw we are still unpacking).

I had promised my kids that they could pick out whatever color of paint they wanted their rooms to be and they could help paint. So far we have tackled my daughter's room. She picked out this gorgeous peach color by Pantone called Nude. Can't wait to show you how it turned out! 

We recently celebrated our Corbin's 15th birthday. I bought one of those small mylar balloon, removed the stick at the bottom and used the top to decorate a SB frapp for the birthday boy.

Corbin got to choose where we would go out to dinner for his birthday and once again he picked Mongolian BBQ. 

For dessert he wanted my chocolate cake with buttercream frosting (colored a pretty minty blue shade). 

Looking forward to seeing what the end of the summer has in store for us! Hopefully one more adventure before the kids go back to school.