A Girlie Power Ranger 5th Birthday Party

I am happy to have my blogging friend, Melissa Newell here today to share an amazing party she
created for her daughter's 5th Power Ranger birthday. 

It’s GO TIME!  Power Ranger Go Time!  Our youngest, Sammie, turned five on Cinco de Mayo.  All she asked for was a Power Rangers Party.  (I can honestly say not my favorite theme…but we made it work).   I had to figure out a way to try to make this theme “girly” but not too “girly”….

It’s been 20 years since I really knew much about The Power Rangers (older son loved them) so I had to do some research.  Of course, this party gal went right to Pinterest for some power inspiration.  (see my Power Ranger Pinterest Board HERE)

The invites were my first priority.   I wanted to create special PASSES that the “rangers in training” had to wear to the party.  (I did this for my son’s Nerf party a few years ago and still had the template in Excel.)   These turned out so cute.  Each child had their invite hand delivered in a clear box. One side was the “pass” and the other side was the invite with all the details.
Next on my to do list was to find some Power Rangers graphics.  I went to Etsy for that. I found the cutest set from this shop.   Love those quick downloads.  I made some signs and other decorations using these cuties.

Most party gals will agree that spray paint is one of their must haves for a party.  I found the perfect yellow and gold spray paint for my Ikea frames to help out with the color palette.  I went with the black, pink, yellow, red, blue and gold rangers for the colors.  
Although not my favorite thing to do, I did purchase a few items from our local party store. Mostly masks and some balloons.  I really would rather make my own decorations, but sometimes a mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta do.
It was a real windy and semi-rainy day.  So some things just were not going to work.  Overcome, adapt and improvise was the motto of the day!  

On arrival each trainee received a special sword (pool noodle),  a morpher (walkie talkie like thing) and a special belt.   Now they were ready for battle training!
The children had the best time challenging themselves in our Power Ranger training course.  The training stations included: balance, agility, running, hurdles and jumping .  

As a special surprise, I had some friends come and give a demonstration of some martial arts and even teach the trainees some special moves.  This was a huge hit!  One of the friends gave out certificates of training completion,  that I made up, to the children when they were finished.  

Cake was last on the list before all headed home.  I bought a cake from a bakery and added some Power Ranger figures to it.  

Last but not least, the children all went home with the cutest goodie boxes that Pamela created special for the party.  Loving these lightning bolt boxes!  Inside was a lollipop and a special Power Rangers Bottle Cap necklace that I found at an etsy shop. (link is here)

All in all the day was great, per the birthday girl.   Now a few months reprieve until the next birthday!  
Until then – party on and POWER UP! ~
Vendor Credits:
Styling and Photography: Melissa Newell
Lightening Goodie Boxes: Pamela Smerker Design
Power Ranger Necklaces:  Charmingspot
Power Ranger Coins (for power belts): Bleep Bloop Costumes
Power Ranger Cookies:  Dessert By Dawn
Power Ranger Graphics:  MiFiesta
Pinterest Board for Inspiration:  Power Ranger Board