The Fault In Our Stars Movie Premiere Party At Home

I have said it many many times, I am in love with the book The Fault In Our Stars. A sweet and short love story about two teens with cancer, only the book isn't about cancer. I love the metaphors, I love the  characters sense of humor... I just love it. Plus I adore the book's author, John Green. His Vlogbrothers , The Art Assignment and Crash Course History  YouTube channels are a few of my favs!! 

You might imagine my excitement when I heard that the book was being made into a movie and comes out June 6, 2014. I have watched the preview for the movie several times and I can't get through it without crying. I will be bringing a box of tissues to the movie theater with me for sure! Anyway... I put together a little party that I want to share which includes some of the fun elements from the book and from what I can tell, the movie as well. These are just a few of the images I took myself. The full party and professional images, by Michelle Young Photography will be in Polka Dot Balloon magazine  which comes out June 2, 2014. Stay tuned for that!! *Edited* Check out the Magazine Feature HERE

I created popcorn boxes, Alto gable boxes, luggage tags, Kleenex wrappers, party squares (freebie at the bottom of this post), Amsterdam flags and posters for this party. You can find the favor boxes, tags and other items I have created in my shop.  I will be hanging the large quote posters in my new house when we move this summer. They are a couple of my favorites. I asked Carmen from The Flair Exchange for a custom tassel garland and confetti in the "TFIOS color scheme of blue, yellow, black and white. I am a stickler for details and am never let down by The Flair Exchange's products. 

 I love working with Renee of Astonishing Cakes, her work is absolutely amazing! Renee created orange flavors cake pops, fondant cigarettes and this incredible cake with Hazel's swing set sitting on top, the cloud design from the cover of the book, along with many of the quotes from the book which makes a fun graffiti style design. IN LOVE with this cake!! 

When my husband and I bought the audio book set from we also received some goodies with the package, like postcards from the different places visited in the book, a concert ticket and bracelet which all made for fantastic party props. 

I also created a faux "An Imperial Affliction" book cover. This imaginary book plays a big role in "The Fault In Our Stars", so it's presence was a must. Along with the book cover I made a little cartoon image with Hazel and Gus, the main characters that shares yet another quote from the book "I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once.”- John Green

Last but not least, I picked up some of these flair buttons from Hello Stranger on Etsy. A perfect little party favor along with a small package of tissues and some candy for the movie! 

Now for a little freebie!! Feel free to download the party squares I created for this shoot and use them for your own personal use. Make cupcake toppers, like I did here, tags, you name it!! If you end up using these I would love to see your creation, so please share with me!! Just click on the link below...

TFIOS Okay Party Squares by Pamela Smerker Designs