SHARE SOME elle-oh-vee-e

It's been a rough week, my best friend moved to Florida this week. We met up for the last time and said our goodbyes, she drove off and I sat in my car for a while and sobbed. Like ugly cry sobbing... I happened to look over, the person parked next to me was getting in her car. She looked at me and just smiled, which made me stop and smile back. This stranger drove off and I did too, no words were said, but that smile helped me. 

This morning I was in the drive thru buying a drink and noticed the lady behind me was crying. So without a second thought, I bought her breakfast in hopes that this would bring her or a smile even for just a moment. 

Starting today, Valentine's Day 2014 I would love to hear your "Pay it forward" or "Random Acts of Kindness" stories, big or small... they all matter and inspire!  Feel free to use this image on Facebook, Instagram, your own blog...where ever and share the "elle-oh-vee-e" (LOVE). Don't forget to use #psdproject  

Let's see how much "elle-oh-vee-e" we can spread this year. Happy Valentine's Day!