I Love Glitter, Not the Mess!

Back in the day when I was creating hand stamped greeting cards I would love adding a little sparkle. The only bad part was the glittery after math that stuck with me, on my face, in my hair, all over the house! You know...glitter IS the herpes of the craft world, once it's on you, you can't get it off! 

When I created my Black Tie thank you notes I wanted a little sparkle, so instead of your regular ol' messy glitter ( don't get me wrong, I love that stuff) I added digital glitter. My printing guy was impressed with how it turned out on paper and I must say, I am really digging it. Glitter without the mess and it seems as though you guys like it too!

So, I decided to create a personalized set of stationery with the same layout at the Black Tie notes, only you get to pick your color of glitter and what name and monogram you want on the cards!  I have already started sending out my personalized notes to friends and family. I chose to use the "orchid" glitter since it is currently PSD's color. I know I will have to do some in all the colors, as I am kind of a color freak! Take a look at your choices, these personalized cards are available NOW in my shop

Well I am off to spend the day with my family who is off for Martin Luther King Day. I hope you all have a sparkly kind of day, without the mess!