Oh yeah...I am the editor of a magazine!

SO.... one might say I have been pretty busy this year. I decided it was time and with the blessing of Dawn, my business partner over at D & P Celebrations, I started an online and in print magazine. UM yeah... a magazine! I have been wanting to do this for some time and this fall it became a reality. Introducing Polka Dot Balloon Magazine.... tadda....*insert* party horns blowing...confetti flying!

We actually have two issues out now, our Halloween Mini and our Fall/ Winter Premiere Issue:  www.polkadotballoonmag.com . A special Valentine Party inspiration issue is currently in the works....*insert giddy laughter here*

You may have also noticed I changed up the looks of things here on the ol' blog. What can I say... I like change, I like things to stay fresh, I was inspired, made some cute little images for a new blog banner and voila!! YES... I am a dork! LOL

Anyway, I am really getting into the looks of it here and hope to be posting much more often, cause to tell you the truth... I have missed being here and just playing! Oh and instead of signing off "Hugs, Pam"... I think I will change that up too! How about a bunch of letters... can you guess what it means?