Inspired By Color ~ Orchid

I thought it was funny that I resigned my logo and blog using Pantone's Color of the Year, Radiant Orchid,  before they even announced it was "the color for 2014". Why do I find this funny? I am for the most part drawn towards citrus colors such as lime, oranges and yellows. For some reason I thought this shade of purple would be a fun color for the winter months. Then I saw the announcement with the Radiant Orchid color swatch and I got all kinds of giddy! It's like I am a trend setter or something HA HA HA HA!!

1. Cardigan from Gap  2. Khakis from Banana Republic  3. Converse sneakers from Target  4. iPhone case from Zazzle 5. Utility Shirt from Banana Republic  6. Tie from Zazzle  7. Polo from Banana Republic

This morning while listening to the radio, the DJ (who is a man) was talking about Pantone's color choice and said they must base the colors purely on female fashion, because his friends nor himself would ever wear a color like Radiant Orchid. This bothered me....I don't believe that colors are gender specific and anyone should feel free to wear any color they feel good in. No one should be judged simply by the color they are wearing.

Did you know that the color pink and purple used to be a masculine colors? Purple was once a sign of Royalty. In the 18th century boys would wear pink, Prince Arthur (third son of Queen Victoria) was painted in a portrait wearing pink. It all seemed to turn around in the 19th century when parents wanted their baby's gender to be known so boys began wearing blue and girls wore pink.

What do you think... should colors be based on gender?