I fell in love with Polka Dots!

Hey! It's been a while, OK a long while! The past 10 years of my life have been crazy, both personally and professionally. What I have learned from all this craziness...

ONE: Personally...no matter what life throws at me and my family we can handle it as long as we are together, whether we are living on the street in a box or in the fanciest house on the block. We are stronger then ever and my heart is full!! I love my little family!!

TWO: Professionally I have been dumped on, probably let a few people down here and there, and have made lots and lots of mistakes!  However, I have learned that it is ok to be a perfectionist, to know what I want and to embrace change. I am only human and it IS OK to make mistakes, that is how you learn and grow...right?!

photography by www.sarahandbrad.com

THIRD: I LOVE POLKA DOTS.....wait what?! For the past year I have been working with my best friend, Dawn to create a little company we call "D & P Celebrations". Dawn and I have been friends for 10 years and she has been around helping out behind the scenes with Party Starters/Pamela Smerker Designs and I kept telling her, what a great team we would make. SO we did it! We started a company together doing what we love, making party and crafting printables.  We know the market is flooded with items like ours, but we love what we do and it is what makes us happy.  I look forward to chatting with Dawn daily about product ideas, our weekly meetings and inspiration shopping outings. I am more excited about D & P Celebrations now then I was a year ago and to me that is what owning a business should be about. Falling in love with what you do more and more every day, it really is a dream come true!! So, where do the polka dots come in...well they are in our logo. Two girls and one polka dotted balloon!
So where does this leave PSD? Well I have thought about this long and hard for over a year. I have made changes to products, heck I have even changed my name and rebranded....the decision is simply that it is time to move on.  The passion for running a business alone just isn't there. I need someone to get excited about new products and ventures with and that is what D & P does for me.  When things look gloomy Dawn picks me up and dares me to be more creative and I do the same for her. We really DO make a great team!
As for my pretty little packages (aka mini favor boxes), they are making the move with me and will be in the D & P Celebrations shop in June 2013. Again it is simply time to make a change and this one feels good.

I will still post here occasionally, but for now you will find me having fun over on the  D & P blog. Serving up party inspiration, recipes, tutorials and who knows what else!! I hope you will hop on over and see me.

Thanks for stopping by and reading.
As always