Planning a Dinosaur Party for a Girl!

It is that time of year again, time to start planning my daughter's summer birthday party. For those of you who have followed along the past few years know that two of my kids have birthdays right after the holidays in December and January. So when they were very little we decided we would have a family only party on their real birthday with dinner and cake, then in the summer throw a party with their friends.
This year, Aly has decided she wants a dinosaur themed party. She loves the thoughts of being a paleontologist, she wants to search for fossils and figure out what they are and where they came from. I love it!  This is going to be fun, leave it to my Aly to choose a theme out of the ordinary, well at least when it comes to your typical girls party themes!
We have decided on a color scheme (which is above, apple green, aqua, lilac and violet), a few patterns and have the invitations printed. OH and Aly has decided we must have Push Up Pops! Now the real work begins...putting it all together! You better believe I have my copy of "Push-up Pops" book by Courtney Dial Whitmore and my Amy Atlas' "Sweet Designs" book  on hand for inspiration!!

Stay tuned as I share my party planning experience, list of vendors, fun products and recipes over the next couple of weeks. It's going to be DINO-RIFFIC!! ha!!