Toot Your Horn Tuesday {Bellenza}

photos courtesy of Bellenza 2012
I have a very special holiday "Toot Your Horn" feature today from Bellenza! Beautiful Valentine themed dessert and drinks table inspiration. 

Here is what Bellenza shared with us :
If you’re surprising a dear bride-friend with a Valentine’s-themed bridal shower with a chic and modern slant, what decorating tips and tricks might you use for the desserts and drinks display?

Our first “must” would be location! Find a spot at the venue where the display is sure to be noticed, and position your table there. 

Then, our second “must” would be lighting! You could opt for dramatic side illumination, as in our example, an overhead chandelier or spotlight, or even glowing candles. Anything to showcase your display.

Then, the rest depends on the styling details. Here, we kept our color focus throughout—a chic red and white motif from the sweet treats to the floral accents, even to the pink champagne!
But don’t forget, guests have to be just as delighted with how your desserts taste as how pretty they look. So, while you may select goodies for their color, shape, and decorations, think of those with delectable flavors as well.

A big thank you to Lissa from Bellenza for sharing such beautiful photos and information with us. Bellenza, "toot your horn"!  Be sure to hop on over to Bellenza for even more tips and tricks on how to wow your guests HERE.

If you would like to share a party related event, favor, or recipe with us so that we can feature you on our "Toot Your Horn" segment, feel free to email us here with your information and photos.