What I would love for Valentine's Day...

I don't typically get a lot of pink and red items for Valentine's day, usually some pretty flowers. My husband and I were married on February 11th, so Valentine's day gets mashed in with our wedding anniversary. In some ways this is good, since hotels, restaurants  and spas have Valentine specials that we like to take advantage of. Then of course there are the hotels, restaurants  and spas that have Valentine specials, that EVERYONE else is taking advantage of, so we have to really think ahead and plan so we can get a reservation somewhere. In the end both Valentine's day and our anniversary being mashed together is fine with me, they are both meant to celebrate the one you love.

Back to the pink and red, with me being a Pinterest addict I thought it would be fun to put together a small gallery of Valentine (no anniversary stuff) inspired items I found that I think would be fun to have for the holiday or really anytime of year.

Anything with a "P.S" is perfect for me *wink*. I simply adore this pillow and think it would be a great addition to my bed with a bunch of other fun decorative pillows.

Found on Etsy made by Joshua by Oak 
 HELLO cupcake, this raspberry and lemon cupcake sounds and looks so refreshing, especially in the cold winter months.

Found on BHG

 This is so my style, jeans, a t-shirt, cardigan and cute little flats. LOVE!

Found on Polyvore

I am a sucker for letterpress and the bigger the better. I really do think I need this artwork!

Found on Etsy made by Roll & Tumble Press

How about this sweet handbag, pretty darn cute with those lollipop flowers. 

Found on Etsy made by Eight Seasons

Loving this little cupcake pedestal, so stinking cute!

Found on Amazon by Rosanna

Talk about refreshing, these strawberry champaign beverages are just my style, bubbly and oh so fruity!

Found on Simply Creative Insanity

While we are at it, I will take one of these too...

Found on AutoModifieDesign

What's on your wish list this Valentine's Day???