New Colors & Patterns...oh the choices!

***UPDATED The following is no longer available as we have NEW colors and patterns in the shop in 2014***

I have some exciting things that I have been working on the past few weeks and I am thrilled to share just one of them today. I have had the pleasure of meeting (online) Aimee of Sprik Space who creates amazing digital designs and has them posted on her blog for free (personal use only). I absolutely fell in love with the Pattern Pieces she created and after talking with her I am now offering all of my boxes in her beautiful designs and colors! This means I now carry 20 patterns each in 20 different colors...that is 400 designs to choose from! Aaaaah! You can pick and choose which box, which pattern and which color you want that pattern in. I will also carry other specialty patterns, such as my Shabby Chic collection, Candy Stripes, Trick or Treat and a few others for the holidays. All of these options will start making their way into the Party Starters Etsy shop, so keep an eye out for them.

Here are all of the fabulous colors and patterns you can choose from...

Favor boxes to choose from are the Mini Gable box, Petal Box, Candy Shaped box and Popcorn box. The way the angles are on my popcorn box you really have to go with a random pattern, like the dots or circles. Straight lined patterns don't work really, because every side's angle changes the pattern. (confusing I know)

What do you think? Which pattern is your favorite and what color(s) would you choose??

Tomorrow I have another surprise, I will be announcing my newest addition to the Pamela Smerker Designs family.....stay tuned!