Don't Eat Pete!

I have been put in charge of my daughter's Halloween party game this year.  Both of my boys had the most fabulous first grade teacher and she introduced us to the game "Don't Eat Pete". My boys LOVED this game and all of the kids wanted to play it at every holiday party.  So this year,  I created my own version of the game board and printed the directions right on the backside, so that it can be laminated and ready to use time and time again. All you need to add to this game is a bag of M&Ms or Goldfish crackers.

So here is how you play:

Divide class into small groups or play this game with your family. 
Put a piece of candy (such as an M&M) on each of the squares on the game card.
Choose one person from your group to leave the room. 
The rest of the group will choose one of the numbers to be “Pete”.
Bring back the person who left the room. 
He or she can eat the candy from each spot (in any order) on the card until
they get to the square that was chosen to be “Pete”. 
As soon as they go to pick up that piece of candy every will yell,
“DON’T EAT Pete!” and their turn is over.
Let everyone in the group take a turn. 
Each time someone leaves the room the rest of the group will choose a new Pete!

This game seriously cracks me up, cause the kids really get into it. I can't wait to play on Monday!! Notice I made this particular game board holiday neutral so it can be used anytime of year. If you wanted to make your own with different holiday pictures that would be a lot of fun too! 

Feel free to download my "Don't Eat Pete" game board and direction sheet  HERE on Scribd for FREE! Play it as a family, with friends or in the classroom! 

Have fun!!