Whoo said what??

Two reasons for the title of todays post...the first part...the "whoo" is for my NEW "Look Whoo"collection. My sweet cousin, Megan (more like my little sister) was asked to throw a surprise baby shower for a co worker whose wife is having twin girls. No biggie right, well she was asked to do this on a Tuesday afternoon with the shower scheduled for that Friday! 2.5 days to prepare...SO I jumped in and told her that I would create a set to print out and assemble herself, since there was no time to ship on such short notice.

Here are the pictures Megan took to share...

Since both parents were at the shower I decided to make "parent owls" and their little nest with two pink eggs.  From what I hear, they were a hit!

These next photos are how I changed up the collection to fit a baby shower as well as a 1st or 2nd birthday for a boy/s.

I had SO much fun with this set, creating the little tree scene and the owls myself. Also having fun changing up the color combos of course LOL!  This just may be my new favorite set!

NOW for the second part of my title...said what?? I asked my facebook fans to guess what odd flavor of frosting I made for these cupcakes. Some of the guesses were: worms, dirt, crickets, fish and onion....UM you said what?!!! My answer to these guesses...nope, nope, eeeww, nope and not a winner!

Can you guess what flavor this cupcake, frosting and toppings are? Bet you can't!! Leave me a comment with your guess. I will post what this odd creation is along with the recipe on Monday...you will be surprised!

Have a great weekend friends!!