Balloon Bomber Bash {Real Parties}

Hard to believe all three of my summer birthday parties are now over and done with. This past weekend we celebrated our son, Corbin's 12th birthday with a party we called the "Balloon Bomber Bash". Corbin wanted to once again create his own unique party theme (last year was his Mustache Bash party) and combined WWII bombers with a water balloon fight.  Here are some of the photos from the party...

I first created a "logo" for the party which is a WWII style bomber plain with water balloon dropping from it, instead of bombs. I used a blue camouflage pattern to make cupcake & bottle wrappers to go with the theme (per Corbin's request).

The birthday boy, loading up with a stash of water balloons and already soaked. 
With it being 90+ degrees, he didn't mind at all! 

Since we held the party after dinner hours I served up cake balls, cupcakes and popcorn. 
The kids loved the combo of sweet and salty. 
They also went through all of water after running around for 2 hours in the sun. 

I used my "Balloon Bomber Bash" logo to make iron ons for t-shirts. Each guest received a t-shirt when they arrived to change into. They loved the t-shirts and it was nice to have dry shirts to put on when they left the party. The t-shirts, a water frisbee and ball set were given as party favors. 

Both my husband and I REALLY enjoyed this party and both realized how much less stressful it was to host this party at the park. The kids could run around, scream, throw water balloons at each other and we didn't have to worry about anything getting messed up or damaged. HOORAY for a stress free party for tweens!! I am ready to do this party every year and think it is a great end of the summer get together idea. The time and energy to fill up 300 water balloons was TOTALLY worth it!! 

The break down of this party for 6 guests + our family of 5:

Food & drinks: $15
I made homemade cupcakes as well as the cake balls, bought one bag of popcorn and a case of water.

Favors: $37.05
I found a water frisbee with ball set at Target in the dollar spot. For the t-shirts I picked up Men's undershirts which were 5 for $10. The iron ons from Staples. (t-shirts ended up being $3.45 each)

Activity: $3 
Water balloons were found in the Target dollar spot as well.

Decorations: $43
I purchased the awesome blue camouflaged digital paper file from Gedget Designs on Etsy for only $2.50. You can find cupcake wrapper templates on line and measure out your own water bottle labels easily for an inexpensive DIY.  I added the price I charge in my shop for my finished cupcake toppers and popcorn boxes to this line item as well.

Venue: FREE (local park)

TOTAL: $98.05

Another party for under $100...SUCCESS!!

Thanks for stopping by today. I am actually going to take the rest of the week off from the blog for some family time. I have 3 schools to register kids at this week, plus GREAT DH had an interview on Monday and another in the next few days (the first since he was laid off in February).  Hopefully we will be celebrating a new job in the next few weeks! Fingers crossed!!

Have a wonderful rest of your week and weekend friends!!