Weird Science

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter you probably know that I have been teaching myself how to use Illustrator. I have used this program for the past two years, but only in the past 4 months have I really started to USE this program. My first real project was the redesign of the Party Starters' logo, as you can see in the new blog banner here. After accomplishing this project I decided it was time to revamp some of my old party printables and create... Party Starters' "Party Shapes". Since I have had so many requests for a printable version of my son's "Hazardous Teen" party collection, this seemed to be the perfect set to start with.  Here they are...

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I added a few new "Warning" labels to the set as the original only had one. I might add that putting these together to take photos was a great excuse to make some cupcakes on Sunday. ;)

I will be selling these as finished product as well as "printables" for you to download and DIY. For now "Party Shapes" will be the only printables I will be creating as they work great not only as cupcake toppers, but they make fantastic tags for my favor boxes!

So the fun didn't stop with this set which is called "Weird Science". I worked nearly 16 hours straight on Saturday creating an additional 5 sets of "Party Shapes". Stay tuned, because I will be showing those off the rest of this week. SO, are there any themes you are in need of? I wonder if one of these will be on your list???