Aly's "I Love ART" Party Part Two

Sweets, what is a birthday party without sweets? I went a bit more simplistic this year and instead of having a full blown dessert buffet we offered frosted cupcakes and cakeballs. 

Since I was running short on time and was making cake balls the day of the party I decided to coat the tops of the cake balls with melted chocolate or melted peanut butter chips.  I topped off the peanut butter coated balls with regular M&M's and the chocolate balls with peanut butter M&M's (my favorite). As you can see I started doing this on a wax paper lined sheet, then realized that I had small white paper cups. These mini cupcake liners, were a blessing as it made transporting and displaying these SO much easier! I will definitely do this again in the future, no hassle with trying to coat an entire cakepop or having to wait while cake balls sit in the freezer getting hard enough so they won't fall apart when coating them. I really like the way the colors of the M&Ms pop on the browns! 

Not only was it easier to pick them up and place them on the tiered stand, it was a mess free way for the kids to eat them. Also these didn't go to waste like half of a cupcake did. 

Speaking of cupcakes, these are my NEW "I Love ART" Party Shapes. I am really proud of this set as I created all of the images and font myself as simplistic as they are.  *grinning* You might notice that they match my new Rainbow Chevron boxes! Gee coincidence?? I think not LOL! 

You may also notice the Eiffel Tower and the sentiment "J'aime l'art" which in french means "I love art".  I actually added that in at the last minute. For me it was an "Ah ha" moment... artists on the streets of Paris, how much fun and different then any other art parties I have seen. Since Aly and I are in love with the thought of going to Paris to see the Eiffel Tower someday, it was a perfect match. 

*** The NEW "I Love ART" Party Shapes are available HERE***

Check in tomorrow for the packaging of Aly's "I Love ART" favorite part...dressing up the  FAVORS!