My name is Pamela Smerker and I am the girl behind Fronie Mae Bakes and P.S. I Don’t Know What I’m Doing. Check out my About page to the left for more info and don’t forget to check me out on Social Media.

My name is Pamela Smerker and I am the girl behind Fronie Mae Bakes and P.S. I Don’t Know What I’m Doing. Check out my About page to the left for more info and don’t forget to check me out on Social Media.

Aly's "I Love ART" Party Part Three

Here it is, Aly's "I love ART" party, the favors, the sweets, the decorations, oh and some drama... 
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Pastry Pedestals tucked in an Anchor Hocking jar full of jelly beans.

 I found this large letter "A" at Joann Fabric store. "A" is for "Art or for  "Aly, perfect.  I dressed it up with some ribbon and a paint brush we already had on hand.
We can now use this as a decoration in her room, bonus! 

Aly and her friends used fabric markers on small white aprons I also found at Joann's. 
They had a lot of fun on this project. We also made finger puppets with a foam shape
kit, also from Joanne's that was 50% off!  Can you tell I made a major shopping trip to Joanns??

Party Starters "I love art" Printable Party Shapes/ Cupcake Toppers

Here are the Art Kits that I made for favors. I these brown boxes at Michaels over 2 years ago on clearance for only .28 cents and have been waiting for the perfect time to use them. Since we are
on a strict budget right now, these were perfect! Each box held a container of home made playdough, homemade water colors, 3 eyeshadow wands (work well for watercolors) a homemade crayon, and a set of mini markers (found at Target). I made matching labels for everything, including a "Thank you" tag that I tied on the handle. Each guest could then decorate their own art kit box as they liked. 

 I am seriously in love with my green cabinet that I found at Home Goods on clearance for only $30! The door is warped, but that is alright. It's my favorite color and when I have my own office to decorate, it is going in there to hold goodies! 

Party Starters' Rainbow Chevron Petal boxes

The kids took home art kit favor boxes and the adults took home a Rainbow Chevron Petal Box with 2 peanut butter covered chocolate cake pops. Everyone fights over the peanut butter ones, so I thought guests would enjoy being able to take a couple home all for themselves. 
BIG HIT with the older kids and adults. 

I used a yellow and white poster board to create my own "piece of art". A framed Eiffel Tower to go along with all of the little ones on the cupcake toppers. I used fishing line to tie it up and make it look as thought it is floating. 

 Here it is...all put together. I can't even begin to explain how humorous and difficult setting up this small display was. I  showed up to the park and hour early and had my husband keep the cupcakes and cakeballs in the freezer until he was about to come over with Aly for the party. It was in the high 90's and I dreaded everything would be a big melting mess. SO we start setting up, get the stand up for the streamers, had to have rainbow streamers, when the wind kicked in. Streamers were flying sideways and getting caught in the trees. It never fails, when I do something outside and need photos, the weather acts up. Anyway...keep going and then the rain hits! Running everything back to the car, cover up the streamers with a plastic table clothe and wait. It stops...run everything back out and start again...oh wait rain again! It did this until 10 minutes before the party! With the help of my best friend Dawn, her husband and kids, we did it! OH did I mention after it stopped raining the mosquitos ATTACKED!! I have about 15 good bites on my legs still...ugh! Even through all of this we had a rainbow filled party, the guests had fun (except for swatting mosquitos away) and Aly was a very happy little girl.

Here is a break down of where my money went:

*Decorations = $21.40
Food & Drinks = $19.15
*Favors  = 35.07
Activities = $23.90

Grand Total = $ 99.52
Stop by Catch My Party where Aly's party has been featured and I give 5 money saving tips.

I hope you have enjoyed and been inspired by Aly's party. She is already planning next years! As for me...onto party #3 of the summer... Corbin's Water Bomber birthday bash which is in 2 weeks!


*Includes the full price I would sell my cupcake toppers and custom Rainbow Chevron Petal Boxes for in my shop.

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