The party planning has is in high gear!

Happy June!! Wait...June...aaah three weeks to plan our oldest son's birthday party. The hardest part, he wants a "Portal 2" themed party. Are you thinking to yourself, what the heck is Portal 2? I would be too if it weren't for my boys and husband playing it. Yes, it is a video game that they happen to play on the computer. For this party I have called in an expert on the husband. We have been tossing some ideas around about decoration and favors. This will be a serious guy party, and it should since our kiddo is 14. Probably not too many more birthday parties to plan for him as it will be too lame I am sure.

To get myself properly motivated,  I started a board on Pinterest called "Portal Party Inspiration" with pictures I have been collecting of Portal 2. I will say it again, Pinterest is wonderful for planning parties! I LOVE it!! Maybe I should start a board of party food ideas??? Going to have to tackle that portion of the party too...what to serve and how to do this entire party on an extremely small budget.  Wish me luck!!