Welcome to Party Season!

June is said to be the start of the birthday party season. Of course there are birthdays everyday all year round, but I think more people tend to celebrate with elaborate parties during the summer months. Two of of my kids have birthdays just a couple of days after Christmas.  With their birthdays being so close to the holiday AND all of their friends being on Winter break and on vacations, we choose to celebrate with a half birthday in the summer. Summer parties are simply easier then winter parties especially for those of us who have cold, wet winter months. Your options open up significantly when you can throw a party in the backyard, at the local pool or at a park near by .

Here is a free printable I found on Tip Junkie, click HERE for pdf. This sheet is the perfect way to get everything in order for your upcoming celebration! I will be printing out three of these for my upcoming parties! Hope this helps you out as well!