Party Ideas 4 My Kids {Whats' New Wednesday}

It is getting to be that time again...time to start planning our kids parties for the summer. June, July and party for each month. I am really having a hard time with my oldest son, Ty who is 14, wants a Portal party...ummm yeah...a what? A video game called Portal, this is going to be a major challenge! So while I am still trying to figure out how the heck to grasp some kind of direction for this party I am cheating and moving on to party number two.

Perfect for an Art themed Party! 
Aly who is 6 wants a surprise party...OK a surprise theme. So I have decided to run with an "Art Party". This little girl of mine goes through notebooks like water, filling them with all kinds of creative drawings and painting. She constantly has ink stained little fingers from markers. What better way to celebrate her 6th year and love for creating then with an art themed party.

I turned to my new best friend, Pinterest for inspiration. I have started a board with art party inspiration and these are a couple of the photos I have included.

Image found on
(Images: 1. Flickr member FrankenberrysKiss licensed for use under Creative Commons 2.Heather Hackett/Lilac Silhouette 3. Sarah Rae Trover/Ohdeedoh 4. Tiffany Teske)

What I love about pinterest is when you click on the photo it takes you to it's place of origin (most of the time). This really helps when you find a great photo like this and need all of the details as well. So this image collage is from and they give all of the links to places they have found with recipes for each of these homemade items. Crayons, Playdough, Water colors, and chalk. Each of these items will make not only fabulous activities for an art party, but also fabulous party favors! I seriously can't wait to get started on this party.

Feel free to check out the other photos and ideas I have pinned on my Art Inspiration board. If you by chance have heard of the game Portal then by all means, please send me some ideas for a Portal 2 party!!  LOL

Have a super day!