Fresh Ideas for Easter Brunch {Motivate Me Monday}

Happy Monday friends! I wanted to thank everyone who voted for Party Starters for  the Top 25 list of Party Plannin' Moms contest on Circle of Moms contest. Today IS the LAST day to vote,  o if you have a second I would be honored!

Typically I like to share one, maybe two photos on Monday that get me motivated and hopefully you as well. With Easter fast approaching I thought it would be fun to share a tablescape I created which definitely got me in the mood for Spring! 

My Mom gave me a box full of Easter decorations and the kids had so much fun going through it. Lots of fun treasures inside and a few of them, like the rabbits and white wheel barrow worked perfectly on this table. The white wheel barrow was empty, so I put a piece of floral foam in the inside and with a bouquet of flowers I picked up at the grocery I not only made the wheel barrow centerpiece, but also 4 small bouquets for the table. 

The Easter basket was a bit of a struggle, because my decorative pieces kept getting lost and tipping over inside, even with shredded paper grass.  I decided to use a lid from a round hat box then covered it in moss which sat inside the upper part of the basket creating a platform for everything to sit on. The perfect solution for this situation and since there are so many great baskets out there I will be using this trick again! 

There is just something magical about planting seeds and seeing them sprout out of the dirt.  I filled my cake slice boxes, decorate like carrots with a packet of seeds for festive party favors. Of course this doesn't have to be for adults only, my kids are already calling which seeds they want. 

Last Easter I made mini cupcakes and displayed them in egg cups, so I thought it would be fun to use mini blueberry muffins this year. The perfect little treat for a Sunday brunch. 

 I used a 12" x 12" piece of pattern paper and cut it into this fun shape, which brings a little more character to the table and really makes the plate stand out. Fill up a Cake Slice Shaped box with crayons and instead of putting plates down set the box on top of these fun placemats. Crayons and fancy paper would make a great activity for the kids table, Tic Tac Toe anyone?

I hope these photos and ideas have got you motivated today. I am definitely ready to get to work making some more fun colorful projects...mission accomplished! 

Have a great day!