Blogging Friend Features {Real Parties}

It is such an incredible honor when my sweet blog followers contact me and tell me how much they love my work and enjoy reading my posts. What I really love is when these sweet people share their own party creations with me.  So today I wanted to share with you two lovely parties that were sent to me by Elena Teterina.

This first party is absolutely adorable! Elena did an excellent job creating a Owl themed 1st birthday party for her daughter, Gemma

* Mini Cakes Raspberry and Mini Cakes Double Chocolate *
* Butter Cookies, decorated with sugar paste *
* Meringue cake with a Raspberry Heart *  
This second party Elena wanted to share was from her daughter, Rebecca's Halloween birthday party. Such great details and fun party decor!

* Party favors (the sign reads "trick or treat?" *

"Bloody" pop corns *
What a great photo!! Love Rebecca's expression, priceless!
Make sure you hop on over to Elena's blog "Teterina in Wonderland" to see the rest of these parties. Thank you so much Elena for sharing these with me! I am grateful and extremely inspired!

If you have a party you would like to share, please feel free to contact me through my website. 
Have a great day friends!!