A little Note {Tutorial Tuesday...Kind of}

I have a project all ready for Tutorial Tuesday, the only problem is that it is still in my head. SO since I haven't had the time to get it all photographed, edited and written up I thought I would share a blast from my card making days. Before I entered the "Party World" I was a card designer, and right before I started creating party supplies I made a couple dozen videos called "Friday Card Flicks" that I would post to my blog "Paper Askew Studio". I would design a simple card that I could create in 5-7 minutes, then edit the video so that they would fit the length of a song I enjoyed at the time.  These videos were not an easy task and took a week to "produce" so to speak. Plus I started dabbling into 3D paper crafts and my Friday Card Flicks became a thing of the past.
Hope you enjoy this "kind of" tutorial...