Change...It's a Good Thing!

Really are we already three days into the new! Well I have been doing a lot of thinking about resolutions as well as change, what it is that I want to do with Party Starters. I already have a plan in place with new products and packages that will be available in our shop come January 10th. I also have a new look for Party Starters which is in the works, nothing major...I think. I get bored with the same ol' same ol'. SO, be ready for some fun changes!
What I would like to change is to work more with other creative talents. I am so ready for some fun collaborations this year! Want to be a guest blogger, have a party or idea you want to share, want to work on a party display together...let me know, I would love to hook up! 2011 is gonna be the party bomb...I can feel it in the air.

Found this over at Pizzazzerie and LOVE IT! You can find it and download it here
As for my personal resolution this year...let bygones be bygones! After really pausing for a moment and letting go of some anguish I have felt this past year I am ready to make a fresh start in 2011and boy does it feel good!! Tired of the drama and right now I have the attitude of, if someone is doing wrong by me then I am going to let karma take care of it. Yes, yes I know...sometimes I am so open minded its a wonder my brain doesn't fall out! Well, its a resolution...a start..."see the good in people and help them"-Ghandi

I will be back on Monday the 10th with all kinds of newness, that I can't wait to share with you!!!