Aly's Milk and Cookies Birthday Party {Real Party}

I have mentioned earlier that two of my three kids have birthday right after Christmas, so we celebrate their actual birthday with my side of the family (which consists of my parents and two brothers). Then in the Summer (spreading things out a bit) we throw a large 1/2 birthday party with my husband's side of the family and our kids friends. For Aly's 6th birthday a couple of weeks ago we celebrated with a low key "Milk and Cookies" party all done up in PINK of course! 

Who doesn't love milk and cookies, especially when you can glam up the way you serve your ice cold milk. I used inexpensive plastic margarita glasses adorned with a party circles tied on with the Twinery's "Cappuccino" twine. I then topped off the glass with a scalloped shaped gingersnap cookie.  I carefully sawed 1/3 of the way through each cookie so that they would sit on the rim. NOT and easy task as they snap easily, so if you try this make lots of extras!!! I think I went through half a box to get 8 cookies...although it was worth it, cause DANG they turned out cute if I do say so myself. LOL!

I was so lucky to have my little brother in town from California for the holidays. He is a baker, and a good one! So he took Aly one afternoon and baked cookies for the party. Aly of course loved all of the attention and even used her new Martha Stewart baking set she got for Christmas! SO sweet!! We also included "Wafers" which come in the perfect coordinating colors for this collection, pink, cream and brown as well as Sugar, Peppermint and Pirourette cookies.

Just because this is a Milk and Cookies party doesn't mean we could leave out the cake. I used mini cupcakes, so that we would have something to stick the birthday candle into and to show off the cupcake toppers!

 Using recycled Starbucks Frappuccino bottles I wrapped the bottles with a label then filled each bottle with milk.  I taped a banner piece to a lollipop stick then with a glue dot adhered it to the inside of each bottle. A unique way to display a sentiment or in this case, the birthday girl's name.

I think the item I love most on this table have to be the "Milk Carton" favor boxes filled with small cookies. These will be a new item showing up in my Etsy shop SOON!! 

Here is Aly posing again, she made sure her outfit matched her decor! Thanks Aunt Nana for the perfect birthday outfit!!

This party would work out perfect for a baby shower, toddler birthday or heck why not Valentine's Day!

I hope you had fun looking today. I am SO excited about tomorrow's "Tasty Treats Thursday" blog word...ok two words...Dougnuts and GIVEAWAY!! Oh yeah Dough-A-Deer will be here with a fabulous Surprise!!

Thanks for stopping in today.

*I created the "Milk and Cookie Pink" printable party collection for Sanqunetti Design using Judy Sanqunetti's artwork which you can purchase HERE

**COMING SOON to Party Starters' Etsy Shop, finished product from Milk and Cookies the pink collection!** If you have any questions or you are interested in this set please feel free to contact me!