12 Days of Christmas~ Day 9 {Holiday Card Display}

On the 9th day of our Christmas Crafts blog series I wanted to show you a super easy project that I made all because I was inspired by this really cool card holder frame at Pottery Barn.

I really don't have an extra $200 laying around to purchase a frame like this, so I made my own for around $2. Here is how I did it...

Supplies Needed:
  • Large Picture Frame (just the frame, no glass or backing)
  • Twine or Ribbon
  • Mini Clips
I found this frame at a garage sale this summer for $1 and grabbed it, because I know how expensive frames are new in the store and figured I would be able to use it for something! This frame isn't in the best shape, it was originally painted gold, I think then painted over again in white and distressed. It has a vintage feel and looks a little better in person. While I would love for the frame itself to be a little thicker in size, beggers can't be choosers! A lot of times you can pick up frames at 2nd hand stores for cheap. Don't pay attention to the 1970's paintings on the inside...just look at the frames! You are going to get rid of the inside anyway. 

Now grab some twine or ribbon. I used "Maraschino" bakers twine from The Twinery. I am absolutely in love with all of their twine AND their customer service is fabulous!!
The "Mini Library Clips" are from Stampin' UP! These are just the right size and strong enough to hang on to your card and twine.  I have a great Stampin' Up demonstrator if you don't have your own.

On the back of my frame their were those little metal tabs that you can bend to keep the photo and glass in place. I wrapped my twine around these tabs and bent them back on to the frame instead of down and flat. This held onto the twine very securely, but you can always add glue if needed. If your frame doesn't have these tabs, you can staple your twine or ribbon down or use flat thumb tacks.

 Here you can see that I just went back and forth wrapping my twine around each tab to create a uniform "web".

When you are finished add your holiday cards with the mini clips.

Again super easy and this project can be really inexpensive! If you receive lots of holiday cards, then make several of these frames and hang them along one wall. What a beautiful display this would make!

Happy Holidays!!