12 Days of Christmas~ Day 7 {Neighborhood Elf}

 So excited to share this adorable FREE download from Anders Ruff, so you too can be the neighborhood Elf! Actually this is my first year of "Elfing". We have "Boo'd" lots of times around Halloween, which I will talk about later.

So how to you play? It's the same way you Boo someone at Halloween. You fill a bag with inexpensive goodies, a couple of items I put in our bags were silly bands, holiday pencils & my Hot Cocoa Mix (don't forget to download and make your own Hot cocoa Mix, shown on Day 3). Leave the bag on the front doorstep of a friend or neighbor. You must include a "door sign" and "poem/instructions" so that the recipient knows what this is there for and how to pass long the favor. Then the recipient will or should place the Elfed sign on their front door to let others know that the Elf has already visited. Now it's the recipients turn to play Elf. Hopefully the whole neighborhood will be sporting their Elfed signs in their window or on their front door.

So the very first time I Boo'd a neighbor was about 12 years ago. I feel like I should have my profile blurred out and a voice changer thingie going on while I tell this story. Anyway,  we were in a brand new neighborhood (didn't know anyone really) with lots of other young families, should be perfect for Boo'ing right? I had dreams of my little Boo's sign popping up on every door in the neighborhood...um maybe not?? So I get my boys to bed because their are only 2 years and 6 months old. It is dark out probably around 7:30 at night. I am killing myself laughing because I am sneaking around the neighbor's house across the streets all stealth mode in my slippers, ya know pretending to be an FBI agent hiding behind corners like I am on some secret case or something. Basically I am being a major dork! SO I get to the front porch and I hear someone, so I am like crap do I ring the door bell and just hand the parent the goodie bag or do I go freak out mode, ring the door bell and run like hell. Of course I choose the latter of the two. I ring the door bell drop the bag and run down their drive way like a crazy woman.  I barely get to my side of the street when I hear the neighbor opening the door. Who the heck answers their door that fast...seriously! Anyway,  I quick turn, twist my ankle, my slipper goes flying off and into the air. What else can I do but make a dive roll into our bushes. SO I am half crying because my ankle hurts and half laughing because if someone saw me they are probably wondering what the heck I am doing. If someone would have taped this whole episode I would have made a lot of money on "America's Funniest Videos". Needless to say neither of my neighbors hung up their Boo's signs and I never told them it was me. It was suppose to be a secret after all! Since then we have moved and I eventually gave up on the secret of "Boo'ing". I call my neighbors and friends now to let them know ahead of time that I was popping over and to let their kids answer the door to find the surprise. This not only makes them feel better knowing who gave their kids a bunch of goodies (and that they were safe), but also they know when the door bell rings to take their time answering, so I don't have to do a flying leap into their bushes. I can't wait to play Elf this year and I hope you will too!

A big thank you to Anders Ruff for creating this adorable Christmas version and for helping us all share the gift of giving!

Happy Holidays!