12 Days of Christmas~ Day 5 {Frilly Scarfs}

We are up to Day 5 already and so excited about this project. Looking for a last minute quick project that won't cost you an arm and a leg. I made 6 scarfs in about an hour and the materials only cost me approximately $10. That is less then $1.75 per gift!! (Prices may vary of course)

Here is what you need:
Polar Fleece 60" wide
Sewing Machine (unless you want to do this by hand)
Sharp Fabric Scissors

When I purchased my Polar Fleece I was able to get it on sale for $5 a yard, so I picked out two colors and purchased a yard of each.

Step 1

If you have nice sharp fabric scissors then you can easily cut through two layers of polar fleece at once. You will need two strips of fleece, one of each color cut to 4 inches wide x 60 inches long.  Sew these two pieces together straight up the center. If you want your fringe a little longer (as shown in pink below), then cut your fleece 6 inches wide by 60 inches long.

Step 2

Holding the sewn pieces together your are going to cut each side of your scarf to make approximately 1" wide fringes. Cutting towards your stitched line, STOP 1 inch before you hit the stitched line. Do this on both sides of your scarf as shown in Step 1 and Step 2 photos. 

Step 3

Now fluff and twist your scarf to make it nice and frilly!

Anyway, this is a great gift for girls and woman of any age. My family adored the ones I made them done in their favorite football team's colors. These would make wonderful party favors for a little girls dress up party instead of messy feather boas...hmmm something to think about!

Have fun!!!