12 Days of Christmas~ Day 2 {Felt Mice}

Welcome to Day two of our Christmas Crafts and Party Favors for Kids. Today's project is a great party favor for the kids classroom parties.  Yes, this is another project from Martha Stewart's Craft Dept. Aly saw these as we were flipping through for inspiration and she literally squealed with delight! We HAD to make these for her friends at school. The directions say to enlarge the template 150% but we printed the template without making any changes, to keep them on the smaller side. This way we use less felt and with the money we saved Aly was able to pick out "Fancy" google eyes for her mice. LOL

The directions are rather simple and can also be found on the Craft Blog at MarthaStewart.com

Print & cut out the template, then pin your pattern to the felt and cut out your shapes. 
( I just held the pattern on the felt and cut around it)

Tuck your ears through the head slots which run vertically. Glue on your inner ear pieces as well as the eyes if you choose to use googlie ones. 

"Weave" your candy cane through the horizontal cut slits and Voila!

You have yourself a cute little Candy Cane Christmas Mouse.

These of course can be made in any color and I think would be really cute done in black and orange for Halloween. Give them a try, they are pretty simple and obviously from the picture of my daughter a huge hit with 5 year old girls! 

On another note I wanted to share a party that I styled as the New Head Party Planner for  My Grafico. They have recognized the huge market for printables and have started a blog called MG Party Impressions to help inspire those wanting to create their own unique parties . You can see my first blog post and styled party HERE!

Have a wonderful day and I will see you tomorrow for Day 3 in our 12 Days of Christmas series!