The Create My Party "Speak Easy"

I am so excited to finally show you the photos from my birthday party. It was a small gathering with some of my best girlfriends and all done up Speak Easy style. As many of you know I ran a contest asking my readers to "Create My Party", if you missed it you can read all about it here. Well, Debbie from Table Tops For Tots created an unbelievable display of inspiration and suggested I go with a 1920's-1940's themed party. SO here is what I did...

First of all I ran over to my Mom's house and snagged up what props I could find to fit my theme. Since my parents used to cater way back in the day they had some old liquor bottles and shot glasses that I snagged up. For my signature drink, which was green I decided to go with what we were calling the 3M shot. It was a mixture of Malibu Rum, Midori and Milk...get it 3 M's. Totally yummy and dangerous because they are so yummy! The orange and purple poster was from the 1940's and was from the band that my Great Grandfather managed called the Mississippi Ridge Riders. It was a five piece band and when there was a need for a 6th member my Grandfather would play saxophone. This was something I just learned while looking for fun memorabilia. My Dad gave me this portion of what used to be a large poster. Unfortunately someone along the way cut it into 4 pieces, but I will take it non the less and get it framed.

My Mom also let me borrow her framed photo collage of her parents. All of the photos were taken between the 1920's- 1940's. So fun to look at all of these old photos and notice how much I resemble my grandmother in some of them.  The artwork surrounding the photo collage are actually reposition-able decals. I thought they fit the feel of this time period, plus I loved how inspirational they are! I found these at Cost Plus/ World Market for $19.

Since I just got back from Iowa I didn't have a lot of time to back, so I ended up ordering chocolate and white cupcakes from the local bakery. I had some "help" from my son making frosting. I HAD to have home made buttercream and cream cheese frosting.  Corbin did great with the first batch, as I kept reminding him that you ALWAYS start your mixer at the lowest speed...Well the second batch didn't go over so well as you can see... 

This of course happened 30 minutes before the party...powdered sugar everywhere!  OH well, it was rather humorous! 

I had a lemon and a key lime filling, fresh fruit and then of course 3 different types of frosting for everyone to create their own cupcakes. Each guest made a few extra cupcakes and took them home in clear containers. I printed out the fabulous tags that Jen from Blush Printables created for me to tie on top with green ribbon. My favorite cupcake creation was a chocolate cupcake with buttercream frosting topped with a slice of strawberry and drizzled with Kaluha....SO GOOD!
I set everything up on my Grandmother's Dining Table which was also from the 1940's and was handed down to me. I SO love all of these pieces that have been passed down from generation to generation. The stories of these items are worth more than all the money in the world!

Thank you so much Debbie for the fun party theme. We had a great time! 

I hope you all have a WONDERFUL  Thanksgiving!!