Create My Party by Lizard & Ladybug {Entry #9}

WOW we are almost there, after today just one more entry into the Create My Party contest (which is now closed)! Today's feature is by Staci from Lizard & Ladybug.

Here to explain her entry is Staci:

I'm throwing my ideas in the ring

Pam at Party Starters is having a birthday next month & 
she's decided to get some help planning her party.  
Pretty clever if you ask me - everyone else finds fab ideas for her.  
It's like she's getting her gifts early :)

Here are the details of the challenge.   
The short version - Pam was inspired by a charcoal grey sweater & jeans...
my kinda gal!!  
She loves chocolate, music and is a big ol sap :)

Here is my 'inspiration board' - I would love to have this kinda party, btw!!!

the sunburst mirror was the first thing that popped in my head - 
don't know why, but it did (plus I think it's cool - like Pam)

  I picture the shorter glasses being used to serve cupcakes*. 
The taller glasses for cocktails**.

I thought it would be fun to incorporate Pam's favorite color with clever garnish.  

The damask could be used a gazillion ways.  
Table runners, invitations (with a cream colored overlay), 
on boxes to display cupcakes or even as place cards or menu signs.

The piano stand would be great to display flavor/topping menu at the cupcake buffet, drink menu at the bar and even pictures of the birthday girl :)

Silver/gray colored ribbon would be the perfect accent to custom drink markers.
The rose pillow looks cozy - which is kinda what I feel Pam's party should be...
comfortable, easy and
smooooooth - just like her!! 

*ok..enough of that - let's talk cupcakes
I'm a simple girl - I like chocolate and vanilla. For cupcakes and frosting.  
 Here are my ideas for toppings (or just to eat whenever)
Oreo truffles, mini marshmallows, salted caramel, fresh fruit

**for drinks - I see a 'Pam-tini'..
{whatever type of martini-like drink} 
with a great green garnish (apple slice, cucumber slice, lime, basil - you get the idea)
And to add just a little 'old school' - green jello shots :)

Pam, no matter which idea you choose -- I hope you have a wonderful birthday!
OH Staci, this post cracks me up...oh yeah I am SO smooth!! LOL Did you happen to catch that pillow...OK I am addicted to gray pillows now that everyone has been including them in their party plans!! 

 Alrighty, tomorrow is the last entry, it is also my birthday so that means I will be announcing the winner of the Create My Party contest!! Make sure you come back!