My name is Pamela Smerker and I am the girl behind Fronie Mae Bakes and P.S. I Don’t Know What I’m Doing. Check out my About page to the left for more info and don’t forget to check me out on Social Media.

My name is Pamela Smerker and I am the girl behind Fronie Mae Bakes and P.S. I Don’t Know What I’m Doing. Check out my About page to the left for more info and don’t forget to check me out on Social Media.

Create My Party by Not Just A Mommy {Entry #3}

We are on a roll people!! Yet another entry into the "Create My Party" contest!  Today's fabulous ideas come from Dawn from Not Just a Mommy. I am totally digging all of the Fab-U-LousNess going on with these plans! Check out what how Dawn describes her party proposal in her own words:

Miss Pamela from Party Starters is having a little competition AKA making us do all the heavy lifting for planning her upcoming birthday party. I'm thrilled to be part of it, especially since I haven't done a party inspiration board in forevah, so I'm mentally cracking my knuckles and warming up. Here's my 2 cents for what I would do if I was her event coordinator...

Setting The Scene
The color palette is gray, cream and leafy green with damask elements; damask can be very overpowering so touches of it is all you need either by using a damask table runner over a leafy green tablecloth like this table from Jennifer Skog, damask place mats, napkins or damask plates. If you went with solid cream napkins, do you know they need? A touch of gray from these pom napkin rings. I can't get enough of them!

Oh, I love, love candles, everything by candlelight is so pretty, so I envision running candle pillars down the middle like this sparkling table from InStyle Parties, for the perfect tabletop.
If a sit-down table is not up your alley, a buffet layout like this gray dessert table from SignatureK is easy to execute and very nice on the eyes. Backing white tableware with damask scrapbook paper would be perfect with the neutral gray. Instead of the tissue poms they used, can you see these fabric poms done in damask instead? I can.

On this table, your giant glass would make an amazing centerpiece for your buffet table...I've used giant martini glasses filled with clear marble filler and fresh flowers. I'm envisioning yours is full of cream colored roses or blinged out carnations like these from Party Confidential. Perusing the jewelry-making aisle of your favorite craft store will reveal lots of jewels for inexpensive flair! 

The Munchies
My motto for this party, 'Make Your Guests Work'. I'm not sure if Pam wanted real food or just cupcakes and cocktails, but I'll throw this in too! I did a post on a fabulous grown up pizza making and martini party, and I think this would be perfect! We aren't talking just pepperoni and cheddar cheese concoctions, but a tricked out buffet with lots of fresh veggies, meats and a variety of cheeses.

While the creations are cooking, get those drinks going. Pretty much all of my grown-up parties have involved some type of drink bar. I've thrown several martini parties and where I've set out all the fixins for 3-4 types of martinis, printed up drink recipes and let them at it. Not only is it fun to do, guests can tweak the recipes themselves and make it uniquely theirs. You can also choose to have just a signature drink and call it something snazzy like '38 Special' or 'The Pamela'.

For this party, we have to pull from the color scheme and go with simple recipes like this mint Bailey's chocolate martini from GarnishBar, or perhaps a Emerald Isle Martini from Stirrings. Don't forget your friends who aren't lushes, set up them up something fun like my go-to drink, apple-ginger sparklers, and don't forget fun garnishes like rimmers and damask drink umbrellas that you can make yourself or purchase custom made on Etsy.

Speaking of more making guests work, how in love am I with this 'pimp my cupcake bar' from Boutwell Studio? Guests had a cupcake decorating contest where the guest of honor chose the winning creation. Since you are already serving cocktails, why not booze up your cupcakes as well?

Set out alcohol-infused cupcakes like Godiva Ultimate Chocolate Layer (perfect for your chocolate sweet tooth) or check out this bevy of ideas from Cosmopolitan. Set out sprinkles, frosting and toppers and let the crazy begin! Retailers like Bake It Pretty are an amazing source of fun baking items in an array of colors and styles if you are looking for something outside of your local party supply store.

I hope I've inspired Pamela with a little fabulous for her birthday, and maybe, even you, dear reader. Hmm...I think I may have to do this for myself next year!

Totally inspired, thanks Dawn!!

Check back in tomorrow for another Entry feature! Don't forget you still have time to enter!! See the "Create My Party" details HERE


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