Create My Party by Home Confetti {Entry #1}

I can't even begin to tell you how giddy I was when I received the first entry for my "Create My Party" contest last week. Rosemarie from Home Confetti has designed such a beautiful inspiration board and explained in detail how I should create my birthday party.

Rosemarie actually contacted me about a month or so ago introducing herself and I was so glad she did as she also lives in Colorado! We are definitely going to have to hook up soon and talk some party smack! Anyway without further Rosemarie's words, her plan for my party:

First off, I wanted the look to be special, but not super formal. (We're not super formal here in Colorado) Plus, the sweater has a casual sensibility to it so that's where I was going.

Starting from the top: Since Pam is a maven with paper, I thought it would be a nice personal touch to create custom favor boxes in a damask pattern. Or she can even use the damask pattern as the lid to her mini-cupcake boxes.
I fell in love with this table setting. It's so pretty and the criss-cross ribbon accent on the tablecloth adds just the right touch of comfort I was looking for. The pops of green come with the flowers, plates and napkins.
You see that large cocktail glass?? Pam's mother sent her that! Hysterical, right?! Instead of trying to come up with ways to decorate it, I say the birthday girl just uses that as her personal party glass! And so she'll need a big canister of apple-tinis to help keep up with that glass! Seriously though (although I am half serious!) using a large beverage decanter with a colored cocktail actually helps bring in your accent color to your decor, while also being functional.

I thought a great way to bring in the texture and "warmth" of the sweater is to use these knitted flower headbands around the vase centerpieces. She may even want to put one in her hair!
I was so psyched when I found this image for the DIY Cupcake Bar because it is exactly what I was envisioning--using a chalkboard is a great way to utilize the color gray and keep a casual element in the decor.
Below that is a cream color scheme for the buffet table. Using a burlap tablecloth and/or backdrop helps to bring in organic textures inspired by the sweater and lets the food "pop" on the table.
If Pam doesn't have time to make custom favor boxes, I thought these cute plants would make perfect favors for guests, and are reflective of the season.
Finally, Pam added a note that she likes the way sheet music looks, so why not create a pretty wreath to welcome guests. Totally says "here's the party"!

Photo sources:
Damask favor bags here; Criss-cross tablescape here; Apple martini jar here;
Flower headband here; Dessert table here; DIY cupcake bar here; Sheet music wreath here; Plant favors here
Thank you SO much Rosemarie for all of your time and effort you put into this design. I love it! 
Have you been thinking about entering the "Create My Party" contest? You still have time, entries are due November 1st!!

Stop back tomorrow, because I have another super awesome entry to show you all. Choosing a winner is going to be really hard, I can tell already!!