Potluck Anyone?

I think potluck parties are the best! First of all you don't have to spend all day making tons of food. The best part, you can spend more time "preparing the stage" with fun decorations and favors. These invitations are a great way to tell each guest what they are responsible for bringing. Typically I always make the main dish, that way if someone ends up being sick last minute you are without a salad or dessert, not the most important part of the meal. When you are asking guests to bring something be specific. Most people will appreciate you saying "could you please bring a fruit salad" OR " would you mind bringing a chocolate dessert". If you simply tell three guest to bring a side dish, chances are you will end up with three dishes full of leafy salads.

So prepare the main dish, the beverage center, and of course a favor for your guests to take home. It doesn't have to be anything fancy or expensive. HGTV suggested filling cellophane bags with sweets then decorating them to match the party invitation, like they have done in these photos. Too cute!

What kind of dishes do you like to bring to potlucks? I of course love to bring a dessert and one of my favorites especially in the summer is Bishops Pie. I got this recipe from my Mom who said it was from the Bishops restaurant in Iowa where she grew up. It is super easy, cool and refreshing.

Bishops Pie
2 C milk
2 small boxes of instant pudding (1 chocolate 1 vanilla)
2 C vanilla ice cream (thawed just a bit so its easy to mix)

Make a simple graham cracker crust in a 9x13 pan. My Mom says to use enough graham crackers crumbs to fill the bottom of the pan about half an inch high and use enough melted butter to make the crumbs moist. Its homemade...nothing is really measured out. LOL!! You can also buy two pre-made round graham cracker pie crusts and continue with recipe.
Put milk & pudding in a mixer then blend in ice cream. Pour over crust and chill. Before serving top pudding mixture with a layer of cool whip and sprinkle with chocolate curls.  Cut and serve like pie!
*I use a vegetable peeler and a chocolate candy bar to make my curls. Any left over pie must be kept refrigerated.

If you make this, please stop by and leave me a note telling me what you think. I would love to hear from you!

Tomorrow starts BLOGMANIA!! I am part of the "Save the Date for a Party" team. 2 days of prizes galore over at Save the Date for Cupcakes! 

Speaking of prizes don't forget to check out yesterday's post and leave a comment for your chance to win a LUCKY LIFE Parties hostess kit!! Danielle has another prize on her blog today, so go check that out!!

Have a great day!!