Party Starters' Halloween Inspiration Week day 3

My fondest memories of Kindergarten and 1st grade were the fun crafts that we made for the holidays. I remember every detail about the crafts we made and I am still making them today. In 1st grade we made these little ghosts and hung them up from the ceiling using different lengths of yarn. After our Halloween party was over we each got to take our ghost home. I remember wanting to use up all of the Kleenex in the house so that I could make more of these friendly little spooks.

These days it is popular to take stripped tree branches and decorate them with all kinds of fun items like tissue paper flowers, fairies or paper ornaments. So it came to me...a vision, why not hang some of these ghosts from some old branches and put them in a fun container. If I would have found thicker branches I would have tied more ghosts on, as these were a bit flimsy.

SO, what are the ghosts made of??? Lollipops, square Kleenex & white tulle or string.  (I used Blow Pops, the tops are a bit larger then a regular Dum Dum lollipop) I took two Kleenex and stacked them on top of each other, placed a lollipop in the center and draped the Kleenex over the top of the lollipop then wrap tulle or string around the "neck of the ghost" just under the top of the lollipop. At this point you can use a felt tip black pen and draw on some black circles for the eyes. Remember that the ink will bleed/ spread since you are drawing on Kleenex, so start out small.  If your leave your string long enough you can use that to tie your ghost to branches, a wreath or hang them from the ceiling. Fill up a large container of branches with these ghosts and take them into the classroom. One ghost lollipop for each classmate. When the kids have taken all of the favors, leave the decorative container for the teacher. I wrapped a pretty orange ribbon around my container and used a tag from Good Gravy Designs.

Tags by Good Gravy!
Lelan from Hello Good Gravy has a set of these adorable Halloween tags on her blog for FREE!!  I love them, so great for treats!! Lelan also has a wonderful little shop where she sells address labels and note cards, which I love so much I can't decide which ones to get.

That is it for today, hope these little ghosts have inspired you.