Diary of a MOMpreneur {week 15}

Shhhh....don't tell anyone that I am blogging today. I told my husband that my plan this weekend was to tend to the house, which by the way isn't speaking to me, and get some major Fall cleaning done. Friday when I knew I didn't have a lot going on Party Starters wise this weekend, I was actually day dreaming about my plan of attack and how much I would be able to get done around the house.

WELL...after we took the kids to see Legend of the Guardians Friday night, I got sick and ended up going to be early and sleeping in until 10:30 AM Saturday morning. That shot my plans of getting started early and being motivated! Al took us to brunch, which of course I didn't complain about one bit, but there went another 2 hours from my plan. Lets just say I got two rooms cleaned...not as much as I wanted, but it is something.

This morning, I did a bit of PS work (ssshhh don't tell), but decided to take a swing at my cleaning again...almost two hours later...my bathroom is clean...I mean clean clean and its not a small bathroom either!! Now the desire to clean, well that is shot to Hell, pardon my French! While I still have at least 3 more rooms that need attention...I am now day dreaming of making Party Starters the biggest most well known custom favor, decorations and invitation business on the earth! WHY...so I can outsource my cleaning chores HA! While I am at it, how about a personal chef!! What...I can dream big right!!

Anyway, back to the movie (yes I am a movie critic too) I personally thought it was beautiful as far as details went. The story line was rather bland, but my 5 year old enjoyed it. As for my boys who are 11 & 13 and have both been reading the books that the movie is based on, well they were bored. They were really upset at how different the movies story was compared to the books. Well what can ya do?? $60 in  movie tickets alone... at least the 5 year old dug it!

Guess I should scoot...still have a lot to get done today. Planning on making a nice dinner along with Al's favorite dessert, peach cobbler, as a surprise.

See you all tomorrow when I start sharing fun Halloween treats for kids!

*photo courtesy of TKM Commercial Cleaning