The Boo Crew's Halloween Photo Shoot Sneak peek

Adult Halloween Table styled by Pamela Smerker
Sorry this is a little late...

I received word that the Halloween Photo Shoot  photos from Sadie Days Photography are all finished up. I got to peek at all of them and Yippee they are fabulous! Just waiting to get my hands on them now. I am keeping my fingers crossed that I will have some of them to show you all on Monday. There are over 80 images, so everyone from the Boo Crew will be sharing them in the weeks to come.

For now though here are some more I took myself on that very warm afternoon. Click on any of the images to see them larger.

Children's Table style by Pamela Smerker

* Charlotte from The Paper Cupcake not shown, but an important part of the Boo Crew!
  1. Jen from Blush Printables: made Adult and Children's Invitations, Children's cupcake picks, tags on bottles & test tubes from the adult table.
  2. Sandy from Sandy's Baking Memories: Made the children's table cookies, with names on them and Halloween Shapes
  3. Charlotte from The Paper Cupcake: Made the Stickers, water bottle labels for the Children's table
  4. Brandi from Tweedle Dee Designs  Made the tutus
  5. Kristy from The Purple Pug:  Made the 3 Big Circle "flags" on the Children's table (the ghost, bat and candy corn)
  6. Tammy from Milk & Cookeez:  Made the rock candy soap sticks (children's table)
  7. Nicole from Two Savvy Sisters : Made the Children's table banner that said "Happy Halloween"
  8. Genevieve from Celebrate Today The Super Chick Way: Made the "Kandy Kones"
  9. Amy from Tiny Giraffe: Made the "BOO" wood blocks
  10. Laurel from Go Against The Grain : Made the cupcake flags and straws that were on the Adult table.
  11. Ally from Girlie Gatherings : Made the Adult table cookies that matched the tags and invitation by Jen.
  12. Elizabeth from StixNPops : Made the marshmallow creatures on the sticks
  13. Stefanie from Red Velvet Stefanie: Sent the cupcake mixes to make Blue Velvet  & Caramel Apple cupcakes
  14. Tommie from Oh My Gluesticks : Made the little pop tent signs that said "Witches' Brew", "Creepy Cupcakes" etc. Also made the image that was printed on the kids t-shirts. 
  15. Bonnie Bubb from Sadie Days Photography: Photographer
It was such a thrill for me to assemble this group, style this photo shoot and most of all get to know each of these talented woman a little better. Everyone did an amazing job!!

I personally made the little "mini purse" boxes that were on the adult table with the tree and moon on them. I also made the Hershey wrappers, Candy Corn boxes, as well as the cupcakes and decorative wrappers.. I used the images from Oh My Gluestick to create the kids t-shirts with Tommie's permission of course. I also printed and put together the items created by Jen, the cupcake picks, tags etc. My goal is to have all of my Halloween items in my Etsy store by Monday!! If you see something you like and would like to purchase it, please don't hesitate to send me a message!! 

Thanks for stopping in!!