Diary of a MOMpreneur {week 13}

Corbin loving his T-Shirt
Hi All,
Another calm before the storm kind of week. Which was great since I needed to prepare everything for Corbin's birthday the "Mustache Bash".
I must slip in here that the response to my "My NY Experience" was amazing!! I loved reading all of your comments. I am glad that my "dork-ism" cracks you all up...what can I say, that is me..a dork! 

Tyler sporting his green t-shirt
This week also included registering kids for school and thinking about getting all of those back to school supplies. UGH...I love shopping, but seriously the whole back to school supply shopping thing...so not for me!! The bargain shopper in me wants to hit every sale there is, but seriously the gas money I spend going around to 5 different stores...thinking its not worth it. I am seriously dreading this. On the other hand I am SO looking forward to the last year of Elementary for Corbin. He is a 6th grader this year, a big school year filled with lots of fun activities. 6th grade was one of my favorites!! Plus Corbin's new teacher is Fabulous and I am SO ready for him to have fun!! Aly starts kindergarten which she is more then ready for. Tyler will be starting 8th grade, last year in middle school, how did he grow up so fast. OH and did I mention... next year, three kiddos in three different schools...sigh! That should be interesting!!

Aly and her Mustache Straw
So...the MUSTACHE BASH, was a hit. Everyone had a blast and loved the theme. Jen from Blush Printables created the images I used for the party and I ABSOLUTELY adore them!! I got Jen's permission to make t-shirts with these images for my family. Hence the photo of us all with our Mustache Bash t-shirts. I still need to go through ALL of the photos I took yesterday and pick out which ones to post this week. For now you can check out these humorous photos of our family...seriously I don't know if we will ever get a good family photo without some one making a face, blinking or looking away. I am throwing in a few pictures of the fun ones I took of family in their "mustache disguises" as well.

Family picture take 5
Family picture take 17 (had to add the dog)

Anyway, more Mustache Bash pictures coming soon! Have a wonderful rest of your weekend.