My name is Pamela Smerker and I am the girl behind Fronie Mae Bakes and P.S. I Don’t Know What I’m Doing. Check out my About page to the left for more info and don’t forget to check me out on Social Media.

My name is Pamela Smerker and I am the girl behind Fronie Mae Bakes and P.S. I Don’t Know What I’m Doing. Check out my About page to the left for more info and don’t forget to check me out on Social Media.

Diary of a MOMpreneur {week 11}

Dear Diary,
Boy I haven't written those words (Dear Diary) since I was probably 13 years old...LOL
This week was great! The kids actually got along this week, which made life so much more pleasant. Al my Mr. Wonderful had to actually go into the office since his boss was in town. Normally he works from home, so we are pretty much together NON STOP. The majority of the time it is great, although it was a nice change having him leave for a little while. It actually motivated me to make sure the house was picked up before he came home. On Tuesday while Al was at work I sat all three kids down and gave them a stack of scraps and construction paper to make some photo shoot props. Corbin, being into the whole mustache thing got everyone going. They had glasses and mustaches, lips and top hats. It  was really fun to see what they all came up with. When they were done I got pictures of all of them. I even had help editing the pictures. "Mom you have to make them look old with that sepia stuff"...so that is what this photo is in case you were wondering. They absolutely cracked me up, they were SO serious while taking photos. I entered this project into Martha Stewart's Kids Summer Craft contest. The prize is a vacation for 4 to a Beaches resort. I can't even image a vacation like that OR what it would be like to win. Aly of course thinks we are a shoe in of course. Tyler (my 13 year old) says "Mom you know we will never win", but I told him it doesn't hurt to try and besides we had a great time playing dress up and that is what matters!

Party Starter orders were nice and steady and the best part this week (OK almost the best part..) was all of the features on Aly's Shabby Chic Fairy Party. Unlike most of the popular parties featured out there right now, mine was done on a $100 budget and that seemed to be what people were drawn to. The fact that you CAN throw a beautiful party on a small budget. It is a rush for me to find a good bargain, makes planning all the more fun I think. I have started planning and collecting items for Corbin's party which is less then two weeks now...found some awesome deals already that I can't wait to share over the next 13 days.

Some more fun news... Tommie from Oh My Gluestick has asked me to be a guest blogger once a week over on her blog. SO every Tuesday I will be posting tips, tricks and ideas on party planning. That means I probably won't be posting a lot here on Tuesdays, but would love for you to join me over at OMG's blog to see what I am up to there!

OK SO the very very best part of my week...I got an invitation from Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia to attend their Blogger Night party in New York!!! Seriously, they have invited 500 bloggers and I was one of them!!! SO what is Martha's Blogger Night? Well its a chance to network with other bloggers, and meet Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia editors and bloggers.
The only problem...um well about $1500. It isn't cheap flying to New York from Colorado on a weeks notice. We don't have credit cards, we live pay check to pay check, so $1500 is a lot on short notice. Not only have I been trying to figure out a way to make it work, but Al has been trying non stop since I was invited, which really means the world to me. Of course I would DIE if I could go, but if I can't the fact that I was invited and that Al has tried so hard to make it happen is enough for me. I am such a lucky girl!!  I will of course let you all know if by some chance it happens to work out. ***EDITED TO ADD*** I have created a donate button on the top right hand side of my blog for anyone who wishes to help me get to New York to meet Martha's crew. If you can please donate before August 3, 2010...THANK YOU!!

I guess that is about it for this week. Next week I have to get one of the three kids registered for school...ugh! School supply shopping will of course be happening in the next few weeks. That is one kind of shopping I do NOT like! Then plan and get ready for my little man's party on the 14th!

Hope you all have a wonderful rest of your weekend and WOW Happy August!! Seriously, how did that happen? Weren't we just celebrating the 4th of July like a week ago...how is it August already...slow down 2010...please!

Alrighty, see ya tomorrow!!

Dreaming BIG!!! PLEASE help me blog my way to New York!!!

....drum roll please!