Diary of a MOMpreneur "My NY Experience" Part One (The Adventure Begins)

In the car heading to the airport Wednesday night at 10:30PM
Wow what a whirlwind of a week.  Sunday the thoughts of making it to New York were doubtful and by Tuesday I had a flight and room booked. Before I start sharing the details of my trip I want to thank all of you who donated to my "Blogging my way to New York" fund. As well as all of the supportive emails, comments , blog, Twitter & Facebook posts. I am a person who does not like to ask for help, I enjoy helping others.  I realize that this trip was a luxury, that many bloggers who wanted to go couldn't. I also know that there are a ton of worthy causes in the world to donate to.  Therefore I can not begin to express how much this trip meant to me an how extremely grateful I am to have had this opportunity. Thank you ALL!

I flew out of Colorado on Thursday morning at 1am. After a layover in NC I finally landed in New York at 11:30am. When they call this flight the Red Eye, boy do they mean it, I had maybe 2 hours of sleep. The cab ride to my hotel was interesting to say the least. I jumped into the smell of cigars and told the hairiest man I have ever met  where I needed to go. UM...HELLO are there any traffic lanes in NY, because the way cards drive around the city you would never know it. Also I had no idea that a car horn could be used more then a turn signal. I can probably count the number of times I have had to use my horn on two hands for my entire driving life! I felt ill by the time I got to my room, most likely the combination of no sleep, the smell, the driving and being anxious. So I settled myself into my room, cleaned up then decided to brave the streets of Manhatten on my own. I really only had enough time to walk a 3-4 block radius and have a late lunch so I didn't get to see a whole lot.

Parking/Storage for  Cars in NY
 The way they park or store cars is interesting I had to take a picture, because this was completely new to me.
NY pizza from Famous Amadeus (I think that was the name of the place)
 On my adventure I saw a small pizza place and thought that was the perfect spot for lunch. I have always enjoyed New York style pizza, so I figured now was my chance to try out the actual thing! Yummy, but OH SO greasy!
Buildings on 29th Street

Building on 29th Street
 I took a few pictures of building while I was out. I love all the little details  and have always loved photos of beautiful archistructure.
My attempt to take a photo of myself with my iPhone before hitting the humidity and heat.

Building where they tape the Martha Stewart Show.
 So back to my room to get ready. Danielle from Lucky Life Parties graciously offered to pick up myself and Brandi from Tweedle Dee Designs and take us to the party. OK, she attempted to take us to the party. (Wasn't Danielle's fault, it was her "2nd Mom" who thought she knew where we were going...all in all a good laugh) We parked in an underground parking garage and starting walking only to find out that we had walked to the building where they tape Martha Stewart's show, not her actual head quarters where the party was. SO we figure out where we are suppose to be, grab a cab and head the opposite direction. No, biggie...it was an adventure and heck I got to see this building as well.

Martha Stewart's Headquarters
Sitting on the dock looking at the Hudson and City

Melon Sangria
 The cab drops us off at MS headquarters and we are still very early despite the detour, so we walk across the street (the three of us in heels) and find ourselves a spot on the Hudson River where we celebrate memories being made.  After melting in the shade, it was in the mid to high 90s and I swear 98% humidity (Even the New Yorkers were complaining about the weather) we headed back across the street to meet Martha.  I swear I have never breathed such thick air before in my life!

There is so much more to this adventure that you will have to stay tuned for Part Two of "My NY Experience" post on Monday! I know, I am such a tease!!

Have a great rest of your weekend.