Tasty Treats {Sneak Peaks}

Since I am on a role with the whole sneak peak to Aly's Fairy Party I figured I might as well keep it going. I wanted to share two items that will be making an appearance at the party. The first tasty treat I am SO excited about are from Stix N Pops. Elizabeth is the designer and creator of these super cute marshmallow treats on a stick. I don't want to give too much away as I will be featuring Stix N Pops next week and also because this is just a sneak peak. By the way, I just went over to Elizabeth's blog and OMG what did I see....MY Fairies...eeeh hemm...I mean Aly's Fairies!!! They are adorable!!! I will be stalking the front door tomorrow until the Fed Ex man comes with them...I can't wait!

Now for my second sneak peak...Hello Hanna's "Sweet Stands". While these little stands aren't tasty, they sure to make your treats look fantastic. I will be posting a review on these fun little sweet stands next week as well, so stay tuned for that. Seriously...how cute are they!

Short and sweet, I know...but that is it for today. I am now ready to bust a move on the decor for Aly's party...stay tuned for more sneak peaks tomorrow!

Thanks for stopping by.