Quick Sneak Peak

OK, I literally have 2 seconds here since the day has slipped by and I haven't accomplished much of anything but run kids around and a few errands. It is gonna be an all nighter I am guessing.

Just wanted to share what I have done so far...LOL...nadda whole lotta! Here is the table I will be using, and some of the items I have pulled to possibly use. The second picture is the glassware I found today at a second hand store for 50% off! The two large glass containers, were sold as a set for only $5 and the Milk Glass set of 4 pieces were a total of $6!! Not too shabby for my Shabby Chic Fairy Party...if that is what you call it.

Anyway, my apologies for this being late and so short. Off to make...well...EVERYHING!!! I will post pictures from the party on Sunday along with my Diary of a Momprenuer post.