Party Starters' Birthday Bash! {Day 5}

WOW what a fun week it has been, tiresome but oh so fun! Thank you all for helping me celebrate this milestone! First I must announce the incredibly lucky winner of the A Blissful Nest party package. The winner is: "All Things Cherish said...
I'm a follower of your blog, Blissful Nest & Celebrate Today"  Congratulations and thank you to everyone who left comments!!!

Hello everyone this is Pam's technical support representative (AKA her husband) and I'm afraid I have to interrupt this post with some breaking news....

Pam received an email from someone she trusts that calls into question some items she used in the rest of this post.  Now, it is crazy early in the morning here, so you all are stuck with me hacking up her post (don't worry I backed up the original).  

My wife is a huge fan of making sure people that inspire her are given the credit they deserve and her designs aren't just copies of others work.  She is the most fair and honest person I know and always thinks everyone is that way with her.  Well depending on what we find out that might not be the case.  She is going to get some sleep then get this little issue resolved and continue her 1st Birthday Bash in style so please stay tuned and thanks for your patience.