Inspiration Friday~ Lady Bugs

Out of all the bugs out there I think Ladybugs are about the only ones that don't creep me out. They are so bubbly and brightly colored...they have spunk! SO today I wanted to share some cute ladybug images to inspire those who are thinking about having a cute as a bug party!

First...hello check out this adorable cake from Pink Cake cute! I love all of the white with the pops of red, black and green. The big daisies and 3D ladybugs really give this cake character, don't you think?

Pink Cake Box Cake

I LOVE this really cute and easy decorating idea as seen on HWTM. Use bright red, yellow and green flowers then place paper lady bugs in with your arrangements. SO simple and soo cute!

Last, but certainly not least... my FAVORITE... the Ladybug collection by Tweedle Dee Designs . Together, Brandi and I  we combined her printables with my favor boxes!

It's like " hey, your printable is on my box", "no your box is on my printable" kind of good!
NOTE: For those of you who are younger then me and didn't get that whole spoof...its a take off of the old Reese's commercial, hey you got your peanut butter in my chocolate, no you got your chocolate in my peanut butter...anyway! hem, its been a long week...moving along

Brandi also has the rest of your party covered, with invitations, cupcake toppers, mini note cards, name it! All you have to do is print them and cut them out...super easy! You can find all of these items in Brandi's  Etsy Shop  and you can find all of my favors including DIY kits in my Etsy Shop!

Hope this helped to inspire you, or at least give you some fun colorful eye candy to look at today!

Happy Friday!!