Fairy Party Sneak Peaks

 Growing up my parents loved to entertain and often catered events for family and friends. We all grew up eating my Mom's fabulous home made baked goodies. I was always so proud because my classmates loved it when my Mom would bring in treats for holiday parties. This is most likely why my brothers and I all love either cooking or baking so much. Dean my little brother came over with Special Dark chocolate powder and cupcake tins in hand yesterday. Aly requested that he make her Pink Fairy cakes while he was in town on a business trip! SO that is what Uncle Dean made, 2 dozen HOMEMADE dark chocolate fairy cupcakes with HOMEMADE vanilla bean butter cream frosting colored pink just for Aly's party. OH MY WORD are they good and this is what they look like. He also made an extra 9 x 13 pan of dark chocolate cake so I can make cake pops later this week. Wish we had more time with him, but we are so lucky for the time we were given. Love you Dean!!

My second sneak peak was requested by Kim over at Frost Me. Kim asked me to show a little preview of the dress I made for Aly to wear for her party. It's nothing fancy, but I am very pleased with how it turned out. I have maybe a 1/2 a yard left of this material and am trying to figure what would be the best way to incorporate it into the party decor. I have a couple of ideas I am going back and forth with....guess you will have to wait and see...tee hee!

Well I think I will save a couple of my other sneak peaks for tomorrows post. Can't give it all away at once. Thank you SO much for all of the fabulous candy ideas you all left this weekend! You guys are amazing!!

Have a wonderful day!

P.S. A very Happy Birthday to my friend Dawn. We have been friends for 20 years now and even though we don't talk but every once in a while I think of her often! Love you Rosi!!